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The Palo Verde Irrigation District occupies about 189 square miles of territory in Riverside and Imperial Counties, California. The District contains approximately 131,298 acres, 26,798 acres of which are on the Palo Verde Mesa. This Mesa lies just west of, and from 80 to 130 feet higher than, the valley. A portion of the Mesa area lies within boundaries of the Palo Verde Irrigation District. Colorado River water, supplied through Palo Verde Irrigation District canals, is lifted onto the Mesa by private pumps to irrigate a portion of the acreage in the District. The remaining mesa irrigated acreage is irrigated from deep wells developed by the landowners. The predominant crop on the Mesa is citrus.

The Colorado River, which is the boundary between Arizona and California, forms the eastern and southern boundaries of the District. The valley is relatively level; approximately 9 miles wide, 30 miles long and ranging in elevation above sea level from about 290 feet at the northern end to about 220 feet at the southern end. The soils are alluvial in nature, laid down in past years by Colorado River floods; and range in texture from fine grain clays to silty loams to light sandy soils, with the predominant soil being a sandy loam. The entire valley is underlain with permeable sand at shallow depths.

The Palo Verde Valley with its long, hot growing season is ideal for agriculture; crops are grown and harvested year round. Mild winters, with a minimum of frost, permit growing of many crops not suitable for production in other areas.

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PVID/MWD Program


Blazing new trails with the Palo Verde Irrigation District to help California reduce its use of Colorado River Water, Metropolitan Water Districts board of directors has approved a 35 year program that will pay farmers to annually set aside a portion of their land, rotate their crops, and transfer saved water to urban Southern California.

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Thursday, September 2021
10:00 AM  |  (UTC-07:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)  |  1 hr
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PVID Election






NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, in pursuance of a resolution and order passed and made by the Board of Trustees of the Palo Verde Irrigation District, at a meeting of said Board duly held on the 17th  day of August, 2021, an election will be held on Tuesday, the 21st day of September, 2021, at the office of District, located at 180 West 14TH Avenue, in the City of Blythe, County of Riverside, State of California, and within said District, for the purpose of electing two (2) members to the Board of Trustees of said District to serve a term of three (3) years, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

The office of the District, located at the place above specified, is hereby designated as the place where the voters of the District entitled to vote may, on the day above specified, cast their ballots.  There will be no other voting place within said District for said election.

All owners of real property, or an interest therein, situated within said District, shall on the date and at the place above specified, be called upon to vote for the election of two (2) members of said Board of Trustees of said District.

Any owners of real property, or an interest therein, situated within said District, and those only whose property appears on the last equalized assessment roll of said District as having been assessed for taxation shall be entitled to vote; but such property owners may vote by proxy as well as personally, all as more fully set forth in the provisions of said Palo Verde Irrigation District Act, as amended, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars.  The assessment roll above referred to is the assessment roll of said District which was equalized on August 17TH, 2021.

At said election, the polls must and will be opened at seven (7:00) o’clock a.m. on the 21st day of September, 2021, and be kept open until six (6:00) o’clock p.m. of said day when the same must be closed.

This notice is given by order of the Board of Trustees of said District.

Dated this 17th day of August, 2021.







(Job Opening) Trucker Driver/Utilitymen with Class A CDL License
PVID is now accepting Applications for the Following Position:

Trucker Driver/Utilitymen with Class A CDL License

Applications can be picked up and dropped off at the local office:

180 W 14th Avenue
Blythe, Ca 92225

Phone: 760-922-3144


Water Conservation Tips

This is a list of ways you can help to conserve water in the home, yard and farm.

Agriculture uses an estimated 70% of the freshwater withdrawals globally and 40% of freshwater withdrawals in the United States. With severe droughts, shrinking reservoirs, and freshwater shortages in some areas of the US, water conservation is as important as ever for farmers. Here are some water conservation ideas that can minimize water waste.

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Delinquent Dates

2021-22 Fiscal Year
  • Tax 1ST Installment. 12/6/2021
    Number of days Left: 76
  • Tax 2ND Installment. 4/25/2022
    Number of days Left: 216
  • Water 1ST Installment. 7/15/2021
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  • Coalition. 1/15/2022
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